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Christopher Pelnar-[Founder] is a former "bootcamp" student from Ironhack in Miami, FL and Dev-Bootcamp in New York. He was recently accepted into AppAcademy, a school with a less than 5% acceptance rate. "Since 2016, more App Academy grads have been hired as software engineers at Google than UC Berkeley (ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the #1 graduate Computer Science program)".

He has taken and completed Harvard University's CS50, with a verified certificate of authenticity, and works with some of the worlds leading biologists and engineers (such as Aldo Vargas-[ CTO], who holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and is a master of mechatronics) to bring interesting and unique products to market.

STEM-X knows what it takes to bring anybody from 0-to-employable, and we are creating products and bootcamps that not only captivate the minds of young people, but also seriously prepare them for the technology job market that will be fiercely competitive and vigorously consuming our everyday lives.